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P/SAT / ACT Program
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P/SAT / ACT Program
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Cool site. What is it for?
STORIED is a literary platform for learning vocabulary, improving your English and just plain having fun reading original short stories. Did we mention that they're illustrated and that there are audio versions? Get started by clicking the Start Reading button on the main page or the Catalog button at the top of any page.

I'm in the Catalog. Where do I begin?
You can start with any story, but you might as well begin at the beginning: Collection I, The Great Race, Chapter I - Dim Origins.

Which vocabulary words do you feature?
STORIED stories feature the 750 most-commonly-occurring words on the SAT and ACT. These are the words you need to know in order to do well on either one of these tests. Apart from the illustrated stories and their audio versions, there are word lists and smart flash cards that allow you to mark your familiarity with the word and watch your progress as you come to know words you didn't know before. Just click on any underlined word in a story and see for yourself!

So, where is the study part?
We worked really hard so that you really wouldn't have to. All you do is read the stories in a given collection once or twice, listen to the audio versions, click on the underlined words and mark how well you know each one (red, yellow, green). Pretty soon, the context of the stories will work the words into your long-term memory, and, come test time, you will just know them.

How exactly does STORIED help me when I take the SAT / ACT?
Having read a couple of collections of STORIED stories, you will know the difficult vocabulary likely to appear on the test inside out. This is help for the entire Verbal, as well as parts of the Math, section. All this applied reading will also prepare you for the Essay. And if you'd like to practice for the essay now, you can write a story featuring the 25 words in any unit and submit it to us at Who knows, by the time you get your test scores, you might already be a published author!

How is STORIED organized?
STORIED takes a creative, free-form approach to studying, but we've been very assiduous (SAT-word alert!) in our research and architecting of the platform. Each story chapter features a set of 25 words, called a Word Unit. Ten units make up a Volume, and three volumes result in a Collection. The stories in a volume are usually themed, written in a certain style and genre. So, a collection will feature multiple writing styles and will cover the 750 words you need to know for the test. You can see the list of words in a volume or unit by clicking on the 'glasses' button in the left-hand-side menu bar, while in the Catalog or in a specific story.

I'm reading a story. How do I know which word unit it covers so that I could see which other stories feature the same words?
In the top-right corner of the reader screen you'll see the name of the story followed by the volume it belongs to and the word unit it covers. If you return to the Catalog and press the Story/Unit button, you'll see which other stories cover the same word unit.

Apart from theme and genre, do your stories differ in any other way?
Some of the stories in STORIED are single-chapter affairs (like most of the ones in Collection II), some are ten-chapter behemoths, covering an entire volume (see Collection I) and some are in the middle, with a few chapters. Whether it has one chapter or ten, each story features the vocabulary in a modular way, with one whole word unit per chapter. While in the Catalog, click on the Story/Unit button on the left-hand side to see which word units appear in which stories. This will make studying by word unit a breeze!

When I go to I can only access some of the stories. I want to read them all!
Please register with us (it takes 25 seconds) and then log in in order to see more stories. You can also just log in via your existing Facebook account by clicking on 'Log in' and then 'F Login' on the right. Unrestricted access to STORIED is paid, but if you are an organization that would like to pilot-test STORIED, please write to and we'll work something out.

Is there a recurring subscription charge?
No. If you are part of an organization that purchased a license for access to STORIED, then you likely received an access code to without paying directly on our site. If you purchased a subscription directly on by using PayPal or a credit card, and would like to prolong your subscription, please write to us at

Am I missing any sneaky terms or conditions?
No. We've tried to generate as little small print as possible, and all of it is in the 'ToS' (Terms of Service) and 'Privacy', accessible via tabs at the bottom of any page.