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Collection II
Volume II, Unit 3
by Aaron Zwintscher

Rupert & Dexter Are Friends

Rupert & Dexter Are Friends (Volume II. Unit 3)
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Rupert & Dexter Are Friends or Umbrella Drinks

In Which Two Gentlemen (a Rake and a Rogue) Are Disturbed on Their Vacation, a Chase Ensues, and There Is a Tree Fort

Special Agent Robert Oliver Clausen was out of his jurisdiction. And sweating, heavily. The sputtering Cessna 206 didn’t have any AC. Not working, anyway; not anymore. And the tropical heat did not suit his Northern constitution. He was built for snow and ice and blinding blizzards, zero visibility. All this open ocean left him feeling empty and powerless. It made him a little nervous and exacerbated the sweating. But this ...

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