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Collection II
Volume I, Unit 5
by Aaron Zwintscher

The Adventures of Rupert Felix

Chapter 5 (Volume I. Unit 5)
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Chapter 5

In Which There Is an Epilogue, Including: A Reunion, New Friends, a Plot Twist, a Clever Joke, a Conclusion, and a Preview of Coming Attractions

The former janitor fled across the frozen wasteland and the demon followed.
(Chapter 4)

Illustration by Rosa Lykiardopoulos

It was wet. It was miserably wet and rainy, and Rupert Felix, daring provocateur, hated his pants. They were a loose linen number, with the drawstring and plenty of wiggle room, but the feeling of cloth on skin did not suit him. To make matters worse, the pants were now soaked from cuff to knee.

He reminded ...

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