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Storied SAT

xenophobia munificent meticulous macabre myriad miserly mercenary missive mendacious misanthrope mollify yoke saturnine surpass stymie subterfuge slavish stolid succinct salubrious stagnant surfeit nullify novel nebulous nihilism neophyte nadir noisome nuance nonchalant nefarious adulate anecdote acrimonious avid abyss ameliorate abscond abhor axiom artifact vituperative vacuous verbose vapid vicarious viable volatile venerate variegated vim ubiquitous unprecedented unobtrusive untenable utilitarian unwavering unctuous unwitting upbraid unyielding progenitor perspicacious panegyric pungent parody peripheral polemical pitfall proximity prudent judicious jettison jocular juxtapose wary wily wax willful whimsical kindle corpulent confound collusion cloying censure cadence condolence clemency congenial culinary integrity impugn impassive inchoate inert incidental idiosyncrasy itinerant intimate impute fatuous fallacious flaccid formidable fastidious furtive facetious fervent fortitude founder dissent disputatious delusion disparage diffident disdain deride desecrate depravity devious behemoth burgeon buttress bane beseech balk blatant bequeath bilious beguile quiescent quell quixotic quagmire quandary quizzical querulous quotidian gratis gratify grandiloquent glutton guile gibe glib gullible garrulous gregarious zephyr zealous zenith labyrinth listless lachrymose latent levity lassitude loquacious lavish lionize languor heresy heed hamper hubris hypocritical hyperbole heathen hackneyed hardy haughty ebb exhort ennui exacting enjoin eloquence enervate erudite exculpate equivocate obscure opportunist obdurate obsequious omniscient ouster occlude ostracize obstinate obsolete trifling torpid taciturn turbulent toady tranquility tentative terse transient travesty respite rebuff reticent reticence repudiate retinue rancor restive resolve recount


STORIED is a literary system for improving your vocabulary — original short stories organically seeded with SAT / ACT words. Actually have fun reading, learn the vocabulary for life.


  • Read stories, listen to audio versions
  • Click on SAT words in the text to see more
  • Test yourself, view streamlined definitions
  • Read more stories, see your stats, repeat
"These are the right words; the ones you need to know for the SAT."
M. Bardin, Owner, Veritas Tutors and Test Prep
"I think I can ace the SAT now. This has great testing, and I love how it averages your test results, so you have to do it again to make it green. It's really helpful if you test yourself on the words again the next day & the next to have it in your long-term memory. This is a great site with TONS of words and stories that are interesting, though sometimes fatuous (look it up, I just learned it). If you're a slacker, this site can still work for you, and there's not a ton of work involved."
Lorani, STORIED user
"I used the app and enjoyed it. The stories are helpful, and I liked that I could see the definitions when I tapped on the words. Also, I liked that it gave me the use of the word in the story before the definition so I could compare the definition I inferred from the context to the actual one. I will continue to use this to help me study."
J. McGillycuddy, student at a private high school
"My junior students have tested and used STORIED and found it to be a useful tool in preparing for the SAT. I have encouraged my colleagues to offer this to their students as yet another way to study for this test while supporting their independent reading."
E. Cleary, Head of a high school English Department
Fun stories and a lot of personality makes this learning system more engaging than you'd expect! Easy to use and visually friendly.
Soopertrooper, registered STORIED user
Wish I had it when I was studying for the SAT. Engaging stories, draws you in, words pop in your head and stay there for some reason.
E. Entin, Head of OVI app store
This is a great app that I think will really help a lot of people with their test-prepping. The stories are fun and easy to read, the vocab words are used in hilarious ways you aren't likely to forget, and the definitions are easily accessible so you can get the exact meaning down.
Vsy118, registered STORIED user
STORIED is a good idea and well executed to boot. Placing words in the context of an engaging short story doesn't just make studying for a standardized test entertaining, it increases the students' comprehension and retention of those words. Features like integrated definitions and word-confidence tracking make invaluable study tools. Any student would be well-served to give STORIED a try.
Jxn22, registered STORIED user

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